Will remanufactured cartridges affect my printer warranty?

No, using remanufactured cartridges cannot legally void your warranty. Cases have been tried in Europe and the US and both courts have ruled that a supplier is not legally allowed to use your warranty to force you to buy their products.

I’m still nervous, but need to replace my printer!

We can supply you with new printers, and can advise you on the right printer for your business. In buying from us you have no warranty concerns and we can offer printers that can use remanufactured cartridges so you can start saving straight away.

Why are there no remanufactured cartridges available for my printer?

Printer manufacturers sell printers very close to cost, but charge much higher rates for the consumables. This is because you only buy a printer occasionally but need to change your consumables regularly. When a new printer is brought to the market cartridges are made specifically for that printer, with totally new specifications. The remanufacturing industry then has to invest in considerable R&D to produce cartridges that will work in the new printer. This takes time, anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, before components are available to remanufacture the new cartridge.

Will I get the same yield from a remanufactured cartridge as an original?

Yes, and more besides. In the case of laser (toner) cartridges with a chip you will get the same yield as the original. In the case of laser cartridges without a chip (Brother and older HP cartridges) we add extra toner to prolong the life of your cartridge. In the case of inkjet cartridges you in many cases will get even more as they can take a higher volume of ink. However, yield figures are based on the industry standard of 5% coverage per A4 page, and in the case of laser cartridges are identical for both remanufactured and original. Heavy text/solids and use of graphics will naturally shorten your page yield but it will still match original cartridges page for page.